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The ceramic cup I decorated today~ Simple. But it’s what I’m feeling these days. 어때요?

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Oh what a beautiful morning!

Orange juice, my new eye drops, Red Velvet, a subway nap and bright sunny weather! And a very fun and interesting day coming up~ ^^

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Anonymous asked: so you're just going to hang out for a year doing odd jobs?

Wouldn’t that be nice? But no, I already signed a contract for a full time position. It just doesn’t start yet.

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A good resource for freebies and fun events in Seoul is KINSA. They sometimes hold free movie screenings~ so in addition to getting my free hug on I got my free movie on, my complimentary popcorn and got to see Korea’s biggest (yes, it broke the record!) box office film of all time. 

And by the way, it’s still playing so if you’re in Korea~ go see it! You don’t need subtitles. Just enjoy the epic intensity and Choi Min Sik’s lingering stare.

오늘은 좋은 날~ ^^

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Totally got my free hug on in 명동 today.

I don’t know who they are but why would anyone turn down a free hug from a group of well dressed guys. That is beyond my logic!

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Anonymous asked: what happened to your job in daejon

They low-balled me (lower salary than what was originally offered). That was a red flag. If they do shady things like this now, they will do it again in the future. So I said “no thanks” and continued on my way.

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Photos from the symposium~ Considering the multiple sources citing that Korea’s population is rapidly aging, the value of smart aging and assisted living technology just can’t be ignored. That said, this symposium needs more attendees. It made me think, “is it right to take advantage of all the beauties and excess of youth culture in Korea and to ignore the plight of the old simply because it affects us less…?” Food for thought.

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"Oh you, you and your jobs! You’re like a Craigslist hopper, craigslisting from job to job."

YES. Accurate! I’m back to doing off the cuff “What do you get paid to do again…?” jobs! My motto is this: “Money is money. I don’t ask. I just do.”

Fabulous day… and eye opening! I went in thinking “Well I’m going to do this, I’m not going to come out empty handed… or MINDED” I did make every attempt to see what this was all about.

It’s a symposium of technology for assisted living care, this includes nursing home beds, exercise equipment for physical therapy, vitamins, hygiene products, basically wonderful things that benefit us~

One item I really liked, but still need to research more is an ionizing water bottle that purifies the water with minerals. It’s called BlueQQ. I’m sold so far. It’s just a bit pricey. 

Another was a deodorant called SMELLCOP. I am down for anything that eliminates body odor. The ingredients are pretty good so we shall see how this works out~

Lastly this really mad awesome vitamin drink called Vitachun Plus. Actually I haven’t tried it yet, but if I like it it’ll qualify as mad awesome.

I learned about an entire industry I’ve been in the dark about, mostly cause it doesn’t directly affect me (yet). And witnessed a show that put tears to my eyes. Yes, put tears to my eyes, see?? And after such loveliness what could be more lovely than a sashimi & meat buffet. ♡ So grateful I could be a part of this.

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View from 3호선 on my way to 대화역. I got up just to take this photo. Strong reminder for me to get out of 서울, often, explore this gorgeous country down to its roots~

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2nd visit to the You Are Here cafe~ I ain’t even gonna lie. That brownie and that milkshake were bombastic (the blackberry milkshake - get it, your tonguesicles will be in heaven).

딸기 밀크쉐이크도 먹었어요. 둘 다 좋다. 근데 브라우니는 최고예요.

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