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My friend Tim and I have this tradition - eating fluffernutters and marathoning Muppet Babies. And we’re still doing it years later. :)

Gonzo’s nose made a lot noise. Kermit’s not the doormat we thought he was. Bean Bunny failed the audition to be a muppet and that’s why he is the way he is. Piggy has so much game. She gets hit on by Michael J. Fox and Dick Clark.

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Anonymous asked: I was thinking of starting cycling as a way to lose some flab. How effective is it in your opinion?

Oh what a fantastic idea!! I should start cycling too. My friend Val does it and I envy her butt so much. She’s living my ideal butt life. Tight and round. Cycling can do that for you! 

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Anonymous asked: that is a very common outsider's perception of California or LA. if you were born and raised here you would realize that there is a hustler culture here too, it just happens to be oriented on different industries versus elsewhere.

Of course there’s a hustler culture. Hustler culture is everywhere, from Iowa City to Bhutan. I don’t think being born and raised has anything to do with it. I’ve lived in California the longest out of all the places I’ve lived in and every time I come back here from another country or another state - that’s how I feel.

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Anonymous asked: What motivated you to get fitter and hotter, even before you came to Korea ? :)

Being able to strut a bikini on the beach, clubbing (believe it or not but there was a club I once went to that had a weight restriction), and vivid career dreams for myself. Of course that all changed and now I recline in big heavy chairs, feet propped up, eating Fritos covered with chilli cheese sauce and watching Netflix forever. Bye bye metabolism speed.

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tangerine-atelier asked: Hello!first of all, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!i spent way too much time checking your posts.. Second, I know you have been asked this many times but, for personal reasons I want to move to Seoul but the job searching is killing me (I'm not a native english speaker, no teaching for me) and I can't speak korean. I check Linkedin everyday and other websites but they always ask for high level of korean.. So, I was wondering if you could give me any tip, anything would be greatly appreciate it ^^

I hope you don’t mind if I make this public cause I think this answer could benefit lots of people.

What I noticed about foreigners who hold jobs in Korea is that in general they:

  1. Weaved their way into that profession by way of friends and expertise in their field,

  2. Held the job in their native country and came to Korea to hold a post as a representative for the Asian market,

  3. Started out as a student and worked their way up by joining organizations and sharpening their language skills,

  4. Came as a native English teacher

  5. Have an F-series visa: married and able to use the visa to employ themselves in different alternative lines of work or they are gyopo and have an F-series visa because of their Korean ancestry which also opens up a lot of work or they earned the F-series visa by gaining enough points

That’s just what I’ve noticed in general. So first ask yourself what you’re good at, what do you have expertise in and what do you actually like to do. What category, if you had to choose one, do you fit in?

Ask yourself how you’re going to retain the work visa. That’s seriously important. I can’t lie - a lot of people, not everyone, but quite a few people teach English simply because of the visa. It’s a legal, binding visa that works for a year.

LinkedIn is a great resource but there are other resources out there. - This is just a helpful guide with great tips and seriously strong advice.

It just takes a long time of looking. I’ll be real with you. If you have English skills and have Korean skills but are not a native speaker of either, then your job pool is more limited. But I have seen a lot of non-native speakers of both working in company jobs (companies based in their native countries) or who are experts at a certain field. Engineering and IT always has a lot openings. English hagwons do hire non-native English speakers. I’ve seen it haha.

But consider your own country. Most employers are not going to hire someone who doesn’t speak the native language right? Korea’s the same way. You have to learn the language if you want more options.

I think the biggest hurdle though isn’t the language at all - it’s visa sponsorship.

I’ve met plenty of foreigners with fluent Korean skills get passed over for jobs because they don’t have the necessary visa and their employer would rather hire a native Korean or gyopo, not deal with visa paperwork, than hire a foreigner and have to go through that sponsorship process. So finding a way to have a secure visa is always going to be priority #1 for foreigners looking for jobs.

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OMG. I’m doing this. This is getting done.

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I can’t even imagine what it’s like rejoining the working world.

Frankly all I want to do is roll, get baked, listen to music, somewhat in that order, eat tacos at 3 AM, have conversations about what-if scenarios, Netflix all night long… I’ve lost that drive.

California does that to you. It’s a place with boundless irresponsibility. Much more than Seoul. Cause at least Seoul sort of forces the productivity out of you. California is a place where you’re rewarded for laziness and given the eyebrow if you’re too productive. Or so I think.

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It’s my first time making a mixtape. I seriously have no clue what I’m doing. But I gave it a shot. These are four of my favorite Korean electro tracks. Listen to it in the car, on the subway, when you’re having club withdrawal, in your swively chair, whenever~!

1). 하우스 룰즈, 클라라 - 인비테이션 (House Rules, Clara - Invitation)

2). DAZE47 - R U Ready?

3). Zohnny - 오빠, 라면먹고갈래

4). 쿠미나 - 써든리 (KooMiNA - Suddenly)

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The best nights are relatively simple.

This plus Kaskade and a little help from our girl Molly.

I think I was deliriously out of my mind last night. Thank God I was in a car and not in a public place.

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Anonymous asked: lol instead of wasting money on fillers, you should actually try to lose weight lol

I’d lose weight for health reasons, but that’s pretty much the only reason I’d ever want to lose weight. Losing weight does nothing for nasolabial folds or eye bags. The whole point of fillers is to correct things on your face that inevitably happen with age and that losing weight can’t correct.

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